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Treatment Testimonials

male, Brooklyn

Moving to New York City was a significant change of lifestyle for me, and immediately triggered my insomnia.  The new roommates, the noise level, and the New York City lifestyle really took a huge toll on me.  I was miserable, and considered leaving the city for good.  I decided to reach out to Dr. Bancroft for some help.  This decision was one of the best I’ve ever made.  She gave me a time frame, and a general plan for our meetings and the treatment, which was a huge relief for me.  After being diagnosed and having my specific insomnia patterns explained to me, I left feeling much more knowledgeable of my condition, and how to handle it.  I can say that I am still living here in New York City because of her therapy.  It was always such a pleasant and progressive experience in her office.  I highly recommend Dr. Bancroft to anybody suffering from Insomnia.

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