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Dr. Bancroft's POsition Statement on Antiracism

My work includes a strong commitment to the following values and mission:

  • Promotion of human dignity, diversity, respect, antiracism, integrity, inclusion, empowerment, social justice advocacy, and health equity

  • A moral and professional obligation to understand and acknowledge the role of oppressive systems and intersection forms of oppression on one's experiences and identity

  • A dedication to working to dismantle and deconstruct institutions that have historically been designed to benefit White America and to center black and brown voices and works

  • An understanding that sleep and rest are in and of themselves social justice issues

  • Creation of liberated spaces in the fight against white supremacy and the dehumanization of BIPOC individuals

  • Understanding the role of systems in an individual's experience and not problematizing normal responses to racial trauma and systemic oppression and racism

  • Using psychotherapy as a space to help heal from the wounds of oppression and trauma while creating space for empowerment and agency

  • Use of the continuous practice of socially locating myself within my patient care relationships and the systems I work within and contribute to, and understanding the implications of my social location in my work 

In solidarity, 
Dr. B
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