In the city that never sleeps, become someone who does...

Meet Dr. Bancroft

Dr. Bancroft is a Yale-trained, licensed psychologist specializing in all-natural, evidence-based treatments for insomnia and anxiety.


With over a decade of experience in treating sleep, anxiety, and grief/loss, Dr. B is now expanding her practice to include new patients with these needs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


She is now providing Virtual Telehealth Sessions by secure video platform.


Dr. B is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), the gold standard treatment for insomnia. Her goal is to make sure each individual client receives the best, most effective, and personalized treatment to match their individual circumstances, values, and styles in an all-natural and holistic way.  


Be Better

in Bed

I highly recommend Dr. Bancroft to anyone who is suffering from insomnia. I wish I would have discovered her sooner as I saw several other doctors first who were quick to prescribe medications, which only seemed to minimize my sleep issue for short periods of time, while causing other unwanted side effects. I found her very easy & comfortable to speak with as she helped me understand sleep science as a whole and provided multiple tactics to help improve the length and quality of my sleep. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Bancroft as she has greatly improved the quality of not only my sleep, but my life!
- Male- Manhattan

Services Offered

Individual consultation and tailored therapy program to fit your needs, including CBT-I for insomnia

Virtual teletherapy via secure video platform

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Webinar programming covering sleep and mental health wellness topics

Virtual Video TeleTherapy
C-Suite Sleep Therapy & ORganizational ProducTivity Consulting

Targeted consulting to help optimize sleep within your organization for peak creativity, performance, and happiness


Let Dr. B help start the conversation about sleep at your agency or company with topics tailored to your needs

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Exclusive luxury retreat offerings for immersive sleep wellness and training

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